Walk To The Path

Walk To The Path by Dayanand Das

Take full advantage of the opportunity to get to know Dayanand Das, an internationally recognized spiritual leader. On a Path of Light you will take a trip down memory lane with Dayanand Das while learning how to still your mind.


A Path of Light is like nothing else you will find on Udemy. Not only is Dayanand Das a well-respected spiritual figure, he is also an entertaining and heart-centered storyteller. 


Over the space of two hours he will take you from one chapter of his life to another, sharing with you some of the gems that he has discovered so that you can benefit from them too.


From his humble beginnings as an angry 20-something to building ashrams and becoming an urban motorcycle loving monk. You will be sure to be entertained, inspired and motivated to begin your own path of light.

begin your own path of light

  • 2 hours of video content
  • 5 recorded meditations narrated by Dayanand Das
"I started practicing meditation every morning, not because I had to do it, but because you see results and feel different about life."
Hani Ezra
"When I got to the course I was very fixed in my way of thinking and I didn't understand many things, suddenly something opened up in me. I now experience life differently."
Ayelet Barda
""Path of Light has given me tools for dealing with anxiety. Dayanand Das has changed my life."
Emi Zehavi

Live your authentic profound life.

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